Peter OCarroll wood working tutor VTOS KilkennyOur woodworking course is taught by Peter.  Peter is a second generation cabinet maker and so over the years the standard of our students has become increasingly higher.  On this course we will teach you how to identify different wood, which wood is best carving, joinery and woodworking generally.  We will show you how to finish the wood, stain it and dress it.  We can even show you how to make a rocking horse! Every year we hold a student exhibition to showcase our students work.  Some of our students go on to employment in the industry, others use it as a stepping stone to study woodworking further.

Woodworking is one of the oldest building skills.  Some of the oldest archaeological evidence of carpentry was found in Germany and date back to the neolithic period.  Carpentry methods from pre-history are rarely found, as both methods and teachings were usually passed down verbally (and physically) through generations.  Some of these buildings are the temples in China such as the Nanchan Temple built in 782 C.E., the Greensted Church, parts of which are from the 11th century, and the stave churches in Norway from the 12th and 13th centuries.

You will spend the first few weeks learning how to handle tools and learning about the materials. Timber is a unique material and part of it’s attraction is its warmth, its workability, its variety. That’s the challenge,  as each tree can have distinctive qualities, so how do you know which wood to pick for your project?  You will learn about accuracy when measuring and cutting out, about saws, planes, chisels and many other tools.  We will teach you how to handle the tools confidently.

Topics include;

  • Learn about scrapers and scraper planes, abrasives and polish.learn woodcarving VTOS Kilkenny
  • Understand the right and wrong way to use a block plane.
  • Learn about mitre traps and bench hooks, (these are shop tools always around the bench to help you hold, cut square and plane straight).
  • Learn how to sharpen tools correctly for long life use.
  • Learn how to saw correctly.
  • Dovetailing.
  • Learn how to carve imagery and figures from wood.
  • Learn how to polish and oil correctly.
  • Learn how to draw designs.


A good maker needs good eyes, the ability to see a true curve and to spot a detail in a drawing that is not working. We will teach you visual awareness, how to really look at a piece or design and how to use your eyes more acutely to judge a piece.  If you’d like to  learn woodworking with us here in Kilkenny VTOS, contact us with any queries or download the  VTOS Application Form and submit it to us.