Our digital photography course is run by Donal.  Do you want to have silky waters and blurred backgrounds? Do you wonder why your images are never sharp enough? Maybe you just have an interest in photography and always wanted to try it.  On this course, we will teach you how to use all the settings on your camera properly.  You will come away with tips and techniques on how to photograph in full manual mode, enhance your photographs and make them stand out. We show you how to use Digital SLR’s correctly.  You will learn the art of taking a good photo, the best composition, how to get the best lighting and how to make the most of  your photographic skills.  You will get to explore the world of image making with exciting and fresh perspectives on photography.

Topics include;landscape and deer artwork at photography classes kilkenny.

  • Understanding shutter speeds.
  • Understanding aperture & depth of field.
  • Understanding white balance.
  • Understanding exposure & your light meter
  • Understanding focus points
  • Learn about all of your camera’s settings.
  • Understand your camera’s ISO
  • Learn how to shoot on location & in new environments
  • Understand the different lenses, filters, tripods & other accessories
  • Learn how to freeze action in your photographs.
  • Learn how to improve your landscapes.
  • Learn to shoot details, texture & patterns
  • Learn how to see ‘abstract’ in everyday objects

Every year we produce a photographic exhibition to showcase our students work.

digital photography exhibition kilkenny macdonagh junction

The standard of our students work has been recognised by industry, with the work of Donal and his class having been chosen as the winner in a competition to produce the calendar for Kilkenny ISPCA.   Our ethos is to produce students that can go into the work force with relevant skills so we also teach you about opportunities to sell your work and how to get online traction.  This includes using social media platforms such as YouTube.  If  you’d like to do this course, please contact us with any queries or fill in the application form and return it to us.VTOS Application Form