V.T.O.S. (Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme) in Kilkenny provides a wide range of courses for people over 21 and who are in receipt of Social Welfare.

Computer Group 2

QQI Level 5 Certificate in eBusiness (5M0828)
The total credit value required for this certificate is 120.

Mandatory Programme Modules (75 credits)
eBusiness Studies 15 credits
The internet 15 credits
Web Authoring 15 credits
Communications 15 credits
Work Experience 15 credits


Elective Programme Modules (min credit of 45 credits from the list below.)

Digital Photography (Level 5) 15 credits
Database Methods 15 credits (c/f)*
Spreadsheets Methods 15 credits (c/f)*
Payroll Manual & Computerised 15 credits (c/f)*
Word Processing (Level 5) 15 credits (c/f)*
Info & Communications systems 15 credits (c/f)*

Support Provision Adult Guidance


If candidates successfully complete 120 credits (including 75 credits form the mandatory modules) they will receive a major award – QQI Level 5 Certificate in eBusiness.

However if candidates achieve less than 120 credits and/or do not complete a mandatory module they will receive recognition from QQI in the form of a minor award(s).

If you have already obtained a Level 5 Award you may bring forward a maximum of four modules from that award towards this one – two of which must be Communications and Work Experience. This means you need to study for a minimum of four new Level 5 modules to obtain a second award, i.e. eBusiness Studies, Web Authoring and Digital Photography.

(c/f) carried forward from Information Processing Award to a maximum of 4 modules

*= the subjects that are marked with and asterisk (*) are the ones that generally are picked to be carried forward. Participants who have received Level 5 awards from other centres may be ale to use modules from these awards toward their eBusiness certificate. Please discuss this with your adult guidance counsellor/tutor.

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Computer Group 2 Additional QQI Modules
Level 6 Word Processing
Level 6 Digital Photography

City and Guilds

Level 2 Award for IT users
Level 2 Certificate for IT Users

In order to obtain the City & Guilds Level 2 Award for IT Users each candidate has to successfully obtain 10 credits


In order to obtain the City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate for IT Users each candidate has to successfully obtain 16 credits

Modules Credit Value

201 Improving productivity using IT (Mandatory Unit) 4
207 Using the internet 4
208 Using email 3
219 Database software 4
228 Website Software 4
229 Word Processing Software 4

The exams will take place throughout the year and during class time.

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