V.T.O.S. (Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme) in Kilkenny provides a wide range of courses for people over 21 and who are in receipt of Social Welfare.


About V.T.O.S. (Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme) in Kilkenny

Geraldine MoranVTOS (Vocational Training Opportunity Scheme) Kilkenny provides a wide range of courses for people over the age of 21 and who are in receipt of Social Welfare. We also provide the opportunity to do the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate. We provide people with a range of learning options, from the practical to the academic. Our teachers have their finger on the pulse and are always looking for skills gaps in industry so that we can provide relevant up to date training for our students. Our courses vary from the more traditional ones such as woodworking to the newer ones including digital marketing and learning how to make websites. We utilise new technologies too.

We have an excellent reputation in the arts and crafts industry with courses around ceramics, art and wood working. Students from our Ceramics course have used the course as as a feeder for the famous Grennan Mill. We believe in giving people second chances and helping students to find their path. Other courses include our Photographic course where you can learn how to take professional photographs and videos. Every year the standard of students gets higher. Course members from the Photographic course had their work chosen and featured in a fund raising calendar for the ISPCA Kilkenny branch in 2016.

We also have a Cookery course and Information Technology courses. All of our courses are QQI accredited and so are recognised around Europe. We get students from all backgrounds and the aim of our school aim is to help you become the very best version of you. For many, we offer a second chance in life. We understand that everyone is not the same, people come from diverse life situations so we offer Adult Guidance as a service.

We are not just a school, we care about you, and we want you to reach your full potential.

Geraldine Moran – VTOS Co-Ordinator

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