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2012 Woodcarving - Sculpture Exhibition - Some Samples

"My Family"

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Family Crest by Gerry Minogue.
By Gerry Minogue


Family Unit by Seamus Cahill
By Seamus Cahill

Baby Feet by Ciara Bourke.
By Ciara Bourke

Beads by Martin Campion.
By Martin Campion

Claddagh Ring by Dave White
By Dave White

Celtic Hand by Owen Fox
By Owen Fox

Throne by John O'Brien.
By John O'Brien

Abey by Jim Morris.
By Jim Morris

Crock of Gold by Emmett Delaney
By Emmett Delaney

Elephants by John McDonald. By John McDonald

Knitting Needles by Billy Mahon
By Billy Mahon

Jewellery Box
By Ger McDonald

Hurleys by Pat(Mesh) Murray
By Pat(Mesh) Murray

Family Tree by Ita Bourke
By Ita Bourke


Bird by Billy Butler.
By Billy Butler

Giraffe by John O'Keeffe
By John O'Keeffe

Fiddle by Seamus Corcoran
By Seamus Corcoran

Tree Horse by John Hogan
By John Hogan