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V.T.O.S. Kilkenny - Adult Learning Centre

V.T.O.S. (Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme) in Kilkenny provides a wide range of courses for people over 21 and who are in receipt of Social Welfare.

Adult learners can follow a range of learning options ranging from the practical:

Adult learners can also follow a range of academic learning options such as the:

In our Centre we aim to meet the needs of all our participants, taking into account the diversity and complexity of various situations. 

Adult Guidance is one of the provisions available to participants in our Centre and each person is encouraged to develop to the best of their potential.



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Winner of City & Guilds Gold Medal - Mary O'Driscoll

Mary O'Driscoll, Computer Group 2 participant,
winner of a
City & Guilds Gold Medal for IT in 2016.

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